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 Posted: Fri Oct 4th, 2019 04:09 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Alex Rushing wrote: (I) used high quality needle nose pliers on my Leatherman Charge to gently "roll" the spring tighter at the base, and then pinched the small part tight around the wick. Worked like a champ. :)I'd think twice about crimping or pinching the wick spring to the wick as you or someone will want to remove the wick in the future.   I've had a number of fans where the wick spring had been squeezed against the wick making it impossible to remove the wick.   As I see it, the wick will not and probably cannot, move within the spring.   Hopefully the spring coil will grab the wick enough to hold it in place.   I've used two pair of needle nose pliers to carefully bend or unbend the old spring as needed and that has worked well.