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 Posted: Wed Oct 9th, 2019 04:48 pm
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Hi David,
Thank you for the input.  I have decided to rewind the fan stator and try to do it myself for the first time.

I would like to post pictures on here and show my progress.

First here are some photos of the fan:


Everything works fine except it gets really hot and the stator coils start smoking...  haha 

Rotor just a little dirty.  It rotates smooth

Now for the stator coils...

The stator I have looks just like this one taken from here (I forgot to photo mine). One coil on each side, with wire running on bottom between them.

The coils were smoking hot and melting some of the wire/electric tape that was put on it.

Now my stator looks like this after a little hacking :

I was able to measure the following specs:
1) about 600 turns each coil  (counted the pieces of coil section...)
2) about 22 AWG wire (less than .5mm diameter wire...  it might by 23 AWG... )

This amounts to about 600feet of 22AWG wire total for 2 coils.        
2inch x 1.5inch approx size coil in outer turns.  
7 inch per coil in outer, 5 inch per turn on inner.  
so average 3600 inches per coil .   
300 ft per coil.   
600 ft total for 2 coils.  
I will probably purchase 600-700 ft of 22AWG wire.   $25-$30

Above I show my drawing of how I think the coil was wound up.   
Looking at the stator from the right side  (front fan side is to the right).  The wire lead comes in from the top, then is wound clockwise,( enter towards front on top, and come back toward backside on bottom).
Looking at the stator from the left side (front fan side is to the left).  I think the wire comes in from first coil on bottom, then is wound counter-clockwise, enter toward front on bottom, and come back toward backside on top.  Wire exits on top to make 2nd lead.

Looking from back side (toward front):
1) Wire enters top right (lead 1)
2) Wire comes back bottom right
3) Wire turns 600 times
4) Wire exits bottom and connects to left bottom
5) Wire enters bottom left.
6) Wire comes back top left
7) Wire turns 600 times
8) Wire exits top left (lead 2)

Now I am not sure how to make the coils.  

I assume that I have to make them, then somehow get them onto the stator.  Or wind them on the stator which seems would be difficult if not impossible.  
I also am not sure if I need this hard insulating fabric over the coils when I am finished.

For now I am going to inspect the stator and see if a piece comes off to put new coils onto it.