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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 08:18 pm
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Mike Strozier


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Well back to the drawing board. Since most of the parts been drying for a week figured why not. Rust-Oleum universal gloss black looks good, and even with several coats of clear nope. So easy to scratch and paint to peel. Either going to have to buff some of it out and then touch up paint to correct :( 2nd issue, somehow a section of the cage warped. As putting it together nothing lined up. However on trial run when it was down to bare metal it worked great. Got to figure that one out. 3rd issue. Motor housing I didn't notice this before until I fully put it all together, it must be raised a hair. As when I have it full together, you can't turn the fan at all. Loosen it up some and works great. Another thing I need to figure out. And 4th, darn screw that holds the fan blade in place, head snapped off. So now only way to take the fan blade back off, need to drill out the remaining part and find a small screw as a replacement. Fun. Oh the lessons lol.

So I may end up stripping everything back down to bare metal. Drill out the broken screw holding the fan in place. Lightly hammer the motor housing into it's assembly. As it feels like it's just a mm or 2 out to far.

Put it all together, and fix the cage in the process so everything comes together without it having to be forced. Then repaint again.

But I probably will not use this Rust-oleum. The last fan I restored was a 1950's Zero 1250r and I used Krylon spray paint on it. And it remained durable, no scratches or anything. And only took 2 days on it.