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 Posted: Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 05:13 pm
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Alan Jurisich


Joined: Mon Sep 23rd, 2019
So I'm ordering supplies to finish up my vortalex and some electrical safety popped into mind concerning the metal chassis.  Obviously there's some risk of electrical shock through the chassis if I did a poor job of insulating my union/splice points and they were to contact the chassis.  So I'm considering installing a three wire power cord to add a chassis ground as a safety measure.  I went to looking for a 1950's styled three pronged plug and have been surprisingly disappointed.
So it got my wondering how often someone has had issues with electrical shock from a chassis.  How many people have done a fairly reasonable wiring job and had a shock hazard develop over the course of operation?  Am i perhaps being overly protective. Now in my work there's technically no such thing as over protective until you have someone wearing insulating gloves and gauntlets to work on 120 or wearing a heavy Cal suit to work on de-energized (and locked out tagged out / pulled out of service) 4160 equipment.  At that point you're just impeding your ability to work effectively/safely. That was pretty off topic there but main question is:

Is anyone in the forum of the opinion that adding a chassis ground to your vintage fan is a worth while safety investment even if your being very mindful of insulating your electrical junctions? If so, where do you find your plugs at?

My brain is telling me yes, and if i can't find a period appropriate styled plug to fit that I'll do the best I can to at least make it appeasing.