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 Posted: Wed Nov 6th, 2019 02:01 pm
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John McComas

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Steve Sherwood wrote: I believe the "leaks" are referred to as Eddy Current.

Sorry Steve, no cigar. 

Eddy currents are generated in moving magnetic fields that are generated by alternating currents in ferrous materials. 
(That's why we have laminated stators in AC motors.)  Eddy currents are like short circuits within
the stator core and create wasted energy as heat.  DC motors with solid iron cores do not
have eddy current problems, but if you ran AC in a solid metal stator, you would have Eddy current problems.
Laminated stator plates can be used for both AC or DC motors.

Electrical leaks are generally caused by breakdown in the insulation between the power wiring and the motor case.
They can be AC or DC.  The amount of leakage is defined usually as milliamps of leakage current.

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