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 Posted: Wed Nov 6th, 2019 05:52 pm
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Kiyler Salzman

Joined: Wed Nov 6th, 2019
Hello everyone, I have a Manning Bowman Model 51 I got for a whopping $10 a few months ago. It sat for a while after I re-worked all the metal on it and I have forgotten how the speed coil is supposed to be wired as the wires broke away from the switch. I have tried various testing with a multi-meter but nothing has given me conclusive results; mainly because there is continuity with low resistance around all taps. I know two wires came off the switch- for medium and low, and one wire went to the motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this fan is almost 100% complete, and this is really bugging me. I can provide more information if needed; I just didn't want to fill this with (possibly) useless numbers. 

Attached is a photo of the speed coil in question; forgive the atrocious hot-glue and wiring mess; the wires coming off the coil are very stiff and brittle, so to prevent breaking any of them off I hot glued them at the coil base and crimped on some newer wires to work with.
Thanks again!