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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 04:49 am
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Alex Rushing

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Ended up paying about $62 for this shipped. I had noticed in the listing photos a lack of brush cap, so I figured that was why the seller couldn't get it working. It had a cap, but the wrong one. And the spring was missing. I made a soft spring from an inkpen spring and got it fired up. Then proceeded to solder a new twisted pair black cloth wire on, and add a special vintage line switch to it and an antiqie acorn plug. I do need to order some new oil cup wicks, but assembly oil was enough to figure out the fan was in good condition. The Japan finish was nearly 100% intact, and some polish and minor touchups made it look great. It has gold painted strong heavy steel blades. The motor case/cap and base are cast iron(checked with magnet).Original Ebay listing

And after a few hours of work.

And a video of it in action.

I couldn't find any information I could make heads or tales of. Likely my fault for being a bit flaky with research(I did try the search feature). But, if anyone has any information or history on these, I would be very appreciative!