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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 12:45 pm
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Alex Rushing

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Pete Moulds wrote: Hi Alex

The reason you are having problems with detailed research is that your fan is actually a Diehl fan. Diehl made fans and also made motors used by Singer in their sewing machines etc. Their factories even shared a site I believe.

Diehl went bust and was absorbed into Singer in 1918? So the Diehl division of Singer continued to make robust and quality fans which were sold in the USA as Diehls because the Diehl name was well known and respected there.

However Singer had global sales of sewing machines and decided to sell fans through their sales network. Of course the Singer name was much better known outside the US and thus they simply re-badged the Diel fans as Singer fans for the export market. The badge on yours has the curlicues on the outer ring typical of Diehl.

Your fan, if you bought it within the USA, most likely must have been re-imported.
I have a number of 16" and a couple of 12" versions of this singer fan but only saw and bought one example of a 10" like yours.

I bought all of my Singers in Egypt between 2000 and 2014. They are very well built and survive the rigours of life in Egypt better than most.
However your example is the very best I have seen. The 10" is the only one in the series where the motor has brushes.
My example lacks the brushes, the caps and the springs so I would very much appreciate any measurements and detailed pictures of yours to help me restore my sole example.
Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed information, Pete! What an awesome history behind these fans!I bet this old beauty has some stories to tell about its'purchase, sparse use, and its' journey around the globe. :)
I had been running the fan for an hour and noticed it barely got warm, which is peculiar given the motor has no vent holes. Could this be why your examples survived so well in Egypt?

I'd be more than happy to bust out the ole' calipers this evening and take some measurements. :)
Mine has one complete brush cap, and one that has a slot in it that seats down into the holder. I'm guessing the knurled cap is original, but am uncertain.

I'll take some measurements this evening and post them, Pete! And if I haven't posted them by 9PM, please send me a reminder. Lets get your Singer singing again! :)