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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 12:46 pm
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Alex Rushing

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Bill Hoehn wrote: Hey Russ,
Tell us more about Diehl---Singer---Simanco.
I just looked at some of mine;
16" Diehls on stands for use mounted on the treadle sewing machines,
12" Diehl with handle, non-osc with extended racheting neck,
11" Diehl, non-osc "The AGE CO" made for American Gas and Electric Co.,
10" Diehls, osc, one with ser.  #3011604,
9" Diehl, 110 volt DC, single speed,
9" Singer, non-osc.
Singer Ribbonaire by Simanco.
Awesome collection pieces, Bill!  :D