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 Posted: Sat Nov 9th, 2019 05:15 am
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Alex Rushing

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You're certainly welcome, Pete!
I tend to agree at the moment. The fan I have has one cap fitting inside with a slot head, and one with a protruding knurled knob. I like the knob for quick adjusting and removal, but the recessed cap seems like it would be less prone to breakage or backing out from vibration. Of course I'll be looking to get what came on the fan originally.

And as a side note, I managed to remove the rotor and clean the commutator very well. It has very little scoring, which was nice. I used contact cleaner to clean the brushes and carefully tensioned the springs for as little commutator contact noise as possible and as smooth as the fan could run. I have it at about 14 seconds spin down now and almost no contact noise. It runs a bit faster after cleaning too. These little fans are awesome. And the sealed motor brings a feeling of safety since sparks cannot fly out anywhere and dust can't build up. Also cleaned the original oil wicks to use until my 12" roll of thin felt wick arrives.

Sorry for the obvious over-enthusiasm on my part. I am just absolutely enjoying this new fan hobby. The Singer and a Polar Cub Type H(with ornate iron base) 6" are my only two commutator fans at the moment. Will be looking for a large Oscillating Diehl for the budget collection soon!

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