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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 12:31 am
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George Durbin

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Lane Shirey wrote: Rick, the answer to your question could be that sellers simply delete or X out the price once a fan is sold.  Few sellers leave the price intact after a fan is sold and this is done for many reasons.  

Some fans sell within minutes of listing them and the deal closes that fast too.  So I find that sometimes a fan is posted, is sold, and the price is deleted or changed to $xxx in a matter of minutes. 

Maybe an explanation for your question.  

If you post a price and picture then someone pm's you a price you can live with and you sell it then that will be an exception to the rule and we have NO WAY to monitor such sales... U understand that right? It is an honor system of sorts and there will always be exceptions to the rules... We can pick fly specks out of the pepper here but as we find obvious problems we have control over we will deal with it...


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