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 Posted: Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 03:37 pm
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Rob Duffy

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Robert Swann wrote: Thanks for the information Rob.
I see that there are two oil openings. How much oil do you put in your Lau fan, and what type of oil do you use? 

I remember the fan as a young boy at my father's showroom in the Dallas Furniture mart, and it was extremely powerful.   
I definitely won't scrap it.



Being that your fan is gummed up and on the stiff side, I would give it quite a bit of oil and manually spin the blade by hand until free. Each oil port might need several drops, 10, 15, maybe more. When I come across a motor that's locked up, I generally put some paper towels or a rag underneath the motor and add oil until the motor spins freely. Oil will likely drip from the bottom of the motor. Use the rag or paper towel to clean this up.

As for the type of oil to use, you'll want something like 3-IN-ONE oil in the blue and red can. It will say specifically for fractional horsepower motors. You can find this oil online or at an ACE hardware or similar. Another highly recommended oil is Zoomspout.

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