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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2019 06:55 pm
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David A Cherry

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  I bought  the motor as you see it on eBay,for $400, then I bought a $60 plate of brass, from Took it over to my friends house and we made the back ring out of one piece specifically designed to fit the fan motor, then at home on my lathe, I copied a center ring from my 16 inch Bergman fan, and the rest of the wires I bent up in a vise on five wooden dowels and soldered them into place, then I wipe the whole thing down with lacquer thinner and antiqued it with an antique solution that I bought from Amazon and installed everything together and brought it upstairs to show my wife...being pretty proud of how it turned out, I posted it on the fan club site as my latest addition... so that's the story ..I have a grand total of about $500 in it, it's not correct at all but it does look neat.. I am in the process now of doing a more conventional cage using a bent ring and conventional struts for my porter #2 and #3 motors...  I will post them when I'm done..

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