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 Posted: Sun Jan 12th, 2020 03:44 pm
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Christopher Harding

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The oscillator should have a set screw where is appears under the motor. You loosen it and pull it off and swing out of the way. Then you will need to take the top oscillator knob off. The motor bullet cover will then come off with a little gentle manipulation. This will expose the simple oscillator mechanism. You then remove the parts and clean/regrease. There is also a small opening over the back bearing where you should add a fair amount of non-detergent oil to it which will soak into the wool wicking inside. Make sure to oil the front bearing too. It's located under the front middle top motor vent near the blades.(You can also remove the motor itself and take it apart to clean.) Good luck with it, these are underrated but good runners. (Your blade should have had a center hub cap, but that won't hurt anything.)