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 Posted: Fri Jan 31st, 2020 07:26 pm
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Lonnie Cook wrote: Hello everyone,

I hope that I'm not on the wrong forum.  I'm not a regular viewer/contributor.

The forum helped me almost ten years when I was working on an Emerson 79648.  I hope that you can help me on an entirely different fan.

I have a period correct 12-volt Arnolt heater for my 1955 MG TF-1500.

I foolishly separated the case of the motor about an inch to inspect damaged wires.  As I separated the case, the brushes slipped off of the end of the armature and onto the shaft.  You can see the brushes, shaft, and armature in the bottom photo.

My question:  How can I hold retract and hold the brushes to slip over the armature as I push the case together?

There is only a 3/8" space to work and the brushes are not directly in front of the opening. The springs are not strong, so the brushes are easily withdrawn.

Thanks for any help and suggestions that  you can give to me.

Lonnie Cook
Orlando, FL

Hello Lonnie. All is not lost! The solution to your problem is to insert the rotor into the rear housing first, while you have room to work with the brushes. Then, slide the stator down over the rotor, and finally the front cover on the motor.

Step-by-step, this would be a possible procedure...

First, debur the shaft so it doesn't damage the front bearing as it's withdrawn.

Slide the front housing off the stator and set the front housing aside.

Set the rear housing of the motor in a vise, with the jaws padded so that you don't damage it. You want the open side up, so that gravity will hold the rotor down in the bearing once it's installed.

Place the rotor through the stator, then lift the stator up to gain access to the brush gear. From this perspective, you should be able to manipulate the brushes with pick tools, and slide the rotor all the way down into the bearing; so that the brushes are on the commutator.

Next, press the stator into position into the rear housing. Finally, the front housing will slide over the shaft, and be pressed over the stator. 

This should work on that little motor. Hope it helps!  :clap: