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 Posted: Mon Feb 10th, 2020 05:48 pm
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Alex Rushing

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I am glad you brought this up. I'm a huge fan of the FB site as well, because it does give some people a chance to interact with more knowledgeable people, as where they may not have ever found the AFCA site itself. I do think some of the FB page membership are seriously lacking in scrupuls and ability. There are a couple of members who do way-below-standard work and call it a restoration. I am not sure if they believe their stuff to truly be passable, or if they are just trying to turn a buck. I imagine a little of both. Many of the paint jobs I see are true spray-bomb, like where you mentioned the painted tags and wire, which I have PM'ed some members about. I always get the same response, "I'll change the wire and grommets later", "I'll clean the tag later", etc. The next day the fan is plopped on the marketplace looking as it did after the spray bomb exploded.
As I've said before, my work isn't going to win any show awards, but I put a LOT of work in properly breaking down, repairing, cleaning, completely stripping, painting, assembly, and finish work(wire, grommets, felt). I started posting the fans I've restored/restomodded on the FB page in hopes the copious photos and details would spur some to "step up" their work(now I admit to enjoying the work sharing posts). However, now that I enjoy the discussions and know many members there, it has become obvious that a few members cannot tell the difference between my work and the really careless work. Or they don't care.

Anyway, I urge all members here to cross-post their fan projects to the FB page! Hopefully some more examples and bar setting will get the younger/beginning members to not settle for painted tags, sandpaper badges, no grommets, painted unchanged wire, etc.

Worst part is that of someone will proudly post fan projects with such poor fit & finish, you know they aren't even opening the fans up and  doing proper electrical/mechanical repairs.
Dangerous and wreckless come to mine here.
The fan Projects I post don't seem to help move the bar up any, which sucks because I have 10-20x the time put into the fans I work on. I'll keep posting them, because there are several younger members I am friends with who have raised their standard from communicating with me on resto work... thankfully.

I am a very non confrontational person, so I rarely Point bad work out in public, but perhaps I should?

And the sub-par work is what we see for sale most of the time...ebay... marketplace....etc. :(

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