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 Posted: Tue Feb 11th, 2020 11:14 am
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Ted Kaczor

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Steve Stephens wrote: Steven P Dempsey wrote: I still think double boxing helps, especially with brass fans. Is that the cap model you mentioned?The big problem with double boxing fans is that the second box adds considerable to the "dim weight" (how the shipping cost is determined).  Shipping is already over-expensive and I have even begun to make my new boxes I already bought smaller in height to cut some from the shipping.  But there is a limit to how low one can go.
I don't remember if that fan had a cap or not.  It was part of the fan stash I rescued from Bill Voigt's collection.   He had two of them.
you're right on the money with the shipping cost going up and up. Just this past Monday, I shipped 18"cage and 16" blades in the box 22x22x9  at 9Lbs, from Philly, to Houston, TX for jaw dropping $72.25 Parcel Post. No more free shipping will be offered.