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 Posted: Wed Feb 12th, 2020 01:43 am
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David Allen


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So here is my two cents worth.

Facebook, and particularly the "groups" functionality, has been a very corrosive and negative thing for many enthusiast groups. On a dedicated forum, such as this, people tend to respect each other and more or less stay on-topic, or on related topics. It seems that on Facebook, people always want to go beyond the groups and look at other members personal Facebook pages. That should not be a problem, but lately I have seen some people who I respected, spewing hate and small-mindedness that I find extremely distasteful. Had I not known about this, I would still be able to interact with these individuals on the forum (not this one, another forum), but now that I've seen true colors, the respect is gone..... and I respect an individual one time.  

Another way to put it is like this. I'm OK to interact with all kinds of people for specific things like antique fan collecting. I don't need to know their personal politics, and I will help anyone. But once a person has brought to light that they are unwholesome or have very undesirable viewpoints - I can never "unsee" that and can't be helpful any longer.

Another big issue with Facebook is that the Groups have zero method to organize or archive projects. There is no thread format, no way to build a knowledgebase.  The problem is, people find the Facebook Groups way too convenient and they spend their time posting there, and then don't post here where it will be available in the future.