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 Posted: Wed Feb 12th, 2020 03:27 am
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Alex Rushing

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David Allen,
I've gotten myself in a bit of a conundrum on FB in regards to a similar scenario. Initially it seemed there were a few cool people who wanted to just talk fans in FB messenger as friends(I do mark them "fan friends" on what they can see about my family and stuff), and while most people are very respectful and we make it a point to never illude to politics and/or religion. The two things people are most adamant about about arguing about that simultaneously aren't going to change anyone's minds.
Recently, one of the said members whom I am "fan friends" with decided to send me a bunch of crazy conspiracy stuff in a video. I recognized the scenes in the "banned news clip" to be inaccurate and designed to instill a sense of unnecessary fear, and subsequently pointed it out as politely as possible. I am never disrespectful to anyone, regardless if their personal ideology aligns with mine or not, but he got really mad about it.
I've never sent anything other than fan stuff to the fan friends, and am very neutral and non-confrontational on my FB page. I don't even post political or religious stuff as a matter of principle.

You make an excellent point about keeping fan talk about fans. I would feel rude just unfriending people for not being informed enough to control the share button, but I would rather not have to read/see the vitriol and nonsense that is plastered on my news feed. I can hide the feed, but then they message me asking if I saw their post. This is not common, but has happened.

Anyway, that is a lot of rambling on my part, and apologies for that. I guess the point is that I wish people on the FB pages conducted themselves in a manner similar to how AFCA forum members do. Here at the forum, stuff extraneous to antiques/fan/tech/etc talk are moderated well. My only complaint with the forum is the lack of activity. It isn't the fault of the membership, because FB is always going to garner more attention since there are so few restraints on behavior. I'm flabbergasted at how many of these people on the FB pages "get into it" over personal ideologies, as if it were going to change anyone's mind.

Catch 22: I enjoy the FB page a lot, but don't enjoy the part where friend requests come in, and I feel like it is rude to just decline off-hand. Then after accepting, I find out their pages are plastered with stuff that makes them seem petty. Now, of the fan friends I've made there, only a few fell into the category of disrespectful/undignified in what they allow on their news feeds. Most of us have great messenger conversations frequently, with an understanding it is a social platform, and not personal(leaving out ideological arguments).
In one case, a member sent a friend request and warned me he posted a lot of opinion news, so we chat in messenger. Works for me, as I try to understand why people think the way they do.

Like I said, one of the best things, as members, we can do is to cross post our projects and collection discussions on here and the FB page. We aren't going to get the FB-only people to come here(and possibly join the AFCA ) without effort, so we need to be here AND there to hopefully encourage new fan enthusiasts to check the forum out.

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