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 Posted: Thu Feb 13th, 2020 10:54 am
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I have two 8" MESCO I am working on & I need to make the brass angle wall mount piece. One fan has it but it is very crudely made with a bunch of hammer marks & the other is missing. The one that is there has a brass screw & brass nut which holds the piece on the fan. The screw which is low profile is a perfect match to the ones that are on the switch, which leads me to believe it is original. When on the fan the screw does not affect & has plenty of room to slide the switch handle but if I put it on the other fan the switch can not slide because of the bolt. I have tried adjusting the switch so it will slide but it still is not enough room.The only pictures I have found on the forum does not show under the base.

Can someone please provide me with the measurements & a few pictures ? Thanks

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