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 Posted: Mon Feb 24th, 2020 10:50 pm
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Andrew White

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This one has had a pretty hard life. It was in the back room of a brake and alignment shop. The owner of the business said it was on constantly until the levolier switch broke, then it got taken down and put in storage.

My friend, while having some brake work done on his Toyota, offhandedly asked the business owner if he had any old fans laying around and he showed him this one. I met with the guy and he agreed to trade it to me for rewiring and installing new bearings on a more modern Patton pedestal circulator that was being used in place of this Emerson. 

Despite its rough appearance, it is almost completely silent, reasonably well balanced, and runs below the rated amperage. I’m pleased. 

I made a video of it running on low. It has a rather long spin-down. 

Little bit of heat shrink and some new wires made it much safer....

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