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 Posted: Sat Feb 29th, 2020 02:52 pm
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Stan Adams

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Andrew Block wrote: Stan Adams wrote: Zachary they don’t create poles, they use a series/parallel. On series (low) this basically makes it a 230 volt motor running on 120 volts.
Actually the realllllll early 3 wingers used a pole switching motor. David A. did a nice video on one of mine, rebadged a Delco. It had some funny wiring that took some time to figure out.
The 4 petal blade ones do too Andrew. Took me a while to figure that as it only has three wires. I wrote a diagram on those if you run into one.All of the big blade ones I have run into though are series/parallels. Speaking of the K60 series/parallel motors, I have one on the workbench right now with 8 wires! 4 sets of coils. Haven’t run into this before, this one may take some time. All of the wires were bare & shorted, hoping they didn’t cook the windings. It is the very early K60.

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