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 Posted: Sat Jun 27th, 2020 04:33 pm
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Alex Rushing

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Mike Brown wrote: Alex,Absolutely zero in/out movement.  Also, the blade doesn't spin freely, but it only takes gentle pressure with a finger to rotate the blade. I'm guessing that the motor is gunked up?

Might be lucky enough, to when you clean in there as David suggested; you can remove one fiber spacer. It should have a 1/32"-1/16" in and out movement.I do not believe GE ever made a 6" Oscillator (may be wrong though), so if you can remove the cage, blade set screw, pull off the blades, and open the motor case; you should be able to clean and check the fiber spacing alignment.
On a non-oscillating fan, I usually remove one fiber spacer from the front of the rotor, since the air force provides the push back on the rotor.