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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2020 06:44 am
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If you think about it, Emerson would have been royally pi$$ed off with Galvin in 24 taking advantage of upgrading their 9" Junior new to the market in 22. Galvin added an inch to make 10"s to a brass blade rather than the Emerson 9" steel wing with brass paint. 

To throw salt on the wound the Galvin concern the following year of 25 places a patented oscillating fan on the market with the same adjustment principle as Emerson's adjustment case patent filed in 19. Galvin with little doubt thought they had the edge over Emerson being that the consumer could adjust oscillation sweep with a wafer on top of the gearbox with fan in operation. Emerson fans required adjusting the case from under the gearbox preferably with the fan powered down. Thus Galvin got the wrath of Emerson when they dared to patent the operating principle of the patented Emerson adjustment case. 

By 27-28 Emerson's patent infringement litigation had Galvin marketing pot metal gear boxes. In 29 the market crashed and Galvin got absorbed by KM in 32.


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