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 Posted: Sun Jul 26th, 2020 09:51 pm
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:violin: :violin: :violin: please allow me introduce you - hog ring crimp.

William Dunlap wrote: When these cages were new, they were tight. They loosen up over time. Brass is pretty soft after all.
When they were originally crimped, it required a fairly large amount of pressure to do it. The is likely some evidence in the the way of a depression where the spoke should sit.
I use a specially made tool to re-tighten these. Some just bang it had with a hammer, but that won't get you anywhere.
Depending on the year of the cage,
ride where the
I grip the wrap tightly, then with a twist toward the center, I pull the wrap tight around the back ring. You might have to repeat this a couple of times before it's tight enough.
I do the same to loose front ring wraps, if needed.

To fix the rear ring, you will need some tubing with 3/16" ID. The coupler was usually midway between two spokes.

Who is hunkered down with pooch to weather out this hurricane. We usually loose power and internet. Will post while possible.