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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 03:13 am
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Levi Mevis

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Someone is being a worry wort, these fans are perfectly safe without a ground attached.
As long as you aren't using the fan in a wet enviroment or have a GFCI (like you mentioned you are using with your fan) there isn't any more of a risk running these fans without a ground wire than running a modern fan (which are also ungrounded) without a ground.

I'm guessing it was someone from the EU, which those people think that putting a ground wire on everthing makes it safer (even though their household current they use is actually even more unsafe than our 110v AC here in the US).

The Europeans ruin everything antique/vintage electrical wise because they think that a 1950s radio needs a ground wire to be "safe" to run (even though they weren't originally grounded when they were brand new) same for antique and vintage fans they think that they need to be grounded to make them "safe" to operate even though they weren't grounded to begin with and there isn't anything about antique fans that would be unsafe to run that they would need to ground it to make it safer, except to make themselves feel safe.

Hope this helps, and also its always your decision to choose whether or not to add a ground wire to your fan, but that's my 2 cents.