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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 10:33 am
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Alex Rushing

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Nothing wrong with wanting to ground these fans if you want the little extra "feel good". :)

Fans I run all day and night het grounded. The ground wire just needs to be attached to part of the metal frame.

Here I put the ground terminal on the screw that holds the switch in, which goes into the iron base, and subsequently the rest of the fan's iron. :)

Antique style grounded plugs aren't very nice relative to real antique two prong plugs, but do the job nicely.
I have four grounded fans used every day unsupervised. Keep in mind though, these have been completely restored and/electrically and mechanically overhauled.

28646 - living room(used to be)

27666 - bedside fan - 8-16hr a day.

28646 - Wherever big fan.

Was it necessary? No, not really. Was it much trouble to do? No. Does it make the fans a tiny bit safer? Yes