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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 05:56 pm
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Michael Rathberger wrote: Energy is more expensive in Europe so they tend to fully shut stuff down. Almost everything uses something now even when off.

I would think a polarized plug and correct hookup might be more important, but then I'm no expert. I do know I've been buzzed in a basement with a fan before. I think Tim Marks did a writeup on it...
Yeah, but then that's why you unplug it!   :hammer:
I never said the Europeans were smart when it came to using appliances or electricity or energy, (the main reason why energy costs so much over there is because they use the metric system.) 

Check it, in Europe they charge per liter for gas or diesel there, which if you do the math for what a liter is compared to a gallon, a liter is much more than a gallon so for every gallon a gas tank has (the average car has a 12 gallon tank) it takes 3.8 liters to fill that tank, meaning that the average car gas tank in Europe (12 gallons) is about 45 liters and when you charge $8 a liter for gas or diesel it really adds up, along the lines of of about $360 to fill up your average gas tank in Europe! 
And you think $40 to fill up up a gas tank here in the US is bad! 

Which it isn't any wonder why Europeans don't drive much. 

See,  That's why the US is holding on to the Imperial measurement standard because everything costs more in Metric!