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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 07:22 pm
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Alex Rushing wrote: Damien Elder wrote: Levi you hit the nail right on the head! The guy was in fact from the EU. I have a three prong on order and may swap it as this fan is for my fiancé and I’d like the piece of mind. I don’t really see it adding much real world safety though because of the GFCI already in play. I really appreciate the sanity check from you all.
Beautiful fans Alex! That is the exact point I was going to use for ground if I do add one.

Thank you everyone! Great bunch of people here on AFCA!

Thank you for the kind words, Damien!

My house is a 70s ranch with original wiring setup. A ground can give definite piece of mind, even though the safety factor may be 5%-10%. Good enough to put the wire on for unattended fans. PLUS! I like the look of the triple twist headwire and matching twisted pair line wire with a function(I guess I could use triple twist and not ground it. Haha).

Hi Alex, just so you know Grounded outlets weren't a construction standard in most American states until the 1980s because my parents live in a prefab Bi-Level home that was built in 1962 and the upstairs in the house had grounded outlets and the lower level had ungrounded outlets (two prong outlets) and the original 100 Amp fuse box that was in the house when my parents bought the house in 1993 was NOT grounded, when they upgraded their 100 amp service panel to a 200 amp service panel, the electrician had to add a ground to it.
Just a fun fact, also modern box and table fans aren't grounded (unless they are intended for commercial use) so if ungrounded plugs are still good for modern fans then it's still good for antique fans.