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 Posted: Tue Jul 28th, 2020 07:49 pm
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Levi Mevis

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Jim Kovar wrote: Michael Rathberger wrote:Energy is more expensive in Europe...
Levi Mevis wrote:[That's] ...the main reason why energy costs so much over there is because they use the metric system.
The main reason?  Really?

The metric system,...
                a reason at all?  :wondering:

Yes Kovar it is the main reason, again read my comments and explanations and go over my math if you want. 
And yes I'm familiar with the Arbitrary Unit which was created by Oliver Smoot back in the 1940s at MIT which was based on his height which was 5' 7".  

Which the point of it being was that anyone could come up with a measurement based on any random length (or this case height) and say that it's a unit of measurement, it was actually supposed to poke fun at the fact that in the US we don't have any standard unit of measurement for anything, because in the science and medical fields in the US we use various forms of the metric system, and in the construction and manufacturing fields we used Imperial measurement (at that time) and in weights and measurements we used Imperial and metric depending on the application, so on and so forth.