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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2020 07:11 am
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Paul Carmody

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Michael Rathberger wrote: I think the key is the connection to the fan. The outlet doesn't guarantee you've connected the hot right...I make sure.On the two prongs that are not polarized I put a red dot on the hot side.If I'm not sure at first I use a no contact tester and put to the head wire when off.If there's power flip the plug.The switch just completes the circuit.It don't care which way it comes from.Or do like mentioned and unplug it when not in use.I'm no expert,it's just how I do it.
Frank.Where did you put the fuse?In the base?.I bought some fuses and holders but I thought it may be overkill.I went with .30 amp over startup amp with a slow blow fuse.I may still use one now that you brought it up.Its my daughter after all.
On mine I'm not that picky.I've been bit before.