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 Posted: Tue Sep 8th, 2020 02:59 am
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William Dunlap

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Well, hand it to the post office. They delivered the last piece I needed on Sunday to my PO box.So I got back on this one today.
This is a 5 inch disc, .250 thick of 260 brass I bought off ebay.

I darkened the brass using Van's gun blue in order to see the scribe lines better.

This is how I find the center of the disc using my calipers. Set the caliper to the radius minus .020 and scratch all around the middle. 

Carefully drill the center hole for a press fit of the hub center.

Several hours with hand tools to remove the unwanted material until I have this.

That's as far as I got today. I still have to thin the fingers as they are supposed to be 3/16" while the center is to remain .250. That will all be done mainly with a file. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the hub finished. I still have to press in the hub center, set the pitch in the fingers, drill the rivet holes and silver solder the hub center in place. Then I'll drill and tap for the set screw, fab the set screw, polish the spider, prepare rivets and rivet the wings on. I will balance the spider before I assemble the wings. A final balance and polish and it will be done.