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 Posted: Sun Sep 13th, 2020 09:18 pm
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Louis Luu


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No...The switch gear shaft is not interchangeable.  I have seen people modify the shaft switch hole with some other metal fittings....up to you.  I prefer one piece.  Now if you had version B and want to enlarge it...I say go for it.  Otherwise...long story...No.

Dennis Long wrote: Thanks for the quick response Louis! Here's my dilemma...I bought a brass kidney bottom about a year ago, but haven't started the restoration yet. After seeing this thread, I realized I didn't know there were Type A (2 holes) and Type B (1 hole) versions of the gear box. So, I checked what I bought versus what was on my fan, and of course, they are different. :cry: My fan has the 1-hole Type B gearbox, but my new brass gearbox has 2 holes. If I was able to lay my hands on some Type B gears, would I be able to switch out the gears and use the 2-hole brass bottom I already bought? Or, is there more inconsistencies between the 2 versions?