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 Posted: Mon Sep 14th, 2020 05:44 pm
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Dave McManaman

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Here's a Made Rite I took apart a few years ago, documenting the rotor removal and the fiber washers/spring that's on the shaft fore and aft to keep it centered in the windings (stator) field.  I don't know of other fans that have a spring like this, everything else i've worked on has merely had the fiber washers.  Anyway, when you open the case you may find some of the washers come off the shaft and remain up against the bearing on either end.  So you'll want to make sure you get all of them and keep track of how many are on the front and how many are on the back of the rotor.  That'll be your starting point for the correct amount.  Sometimes, they'll be broken or otherwise, worn.  You can clean up any gunk that's gotten wound around the shaft or up into the bearing area.  There may be quite a bit, hair, dirt, hardened oils, etc.  Once good and clean, you can look at adjusting/replacing the fiber washers.  You can pick up replacements online.  From there, it's really a combination trial and error till you get it to where it spins smoothly when you fire it up.  But, again, start with the same number fore and aft as what you find when you open it and then, from there, maybe add one from one end while subtracting from the other side.  Hopefully, that's all it is.  If that doesn't fix it, then i think you're looking at bearing wear which, for this fan, may be the end of it as far as investing more time/money - absent some sentimental value.  I hope that helps.