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 Posted: Mon Sep 14th, 2020 06:37 pm
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Mike Kara


Joined: Sun Sep 13th, 2020
Thank you, the pictures are very helpful.  

I haven't opened the fan yet, but going on your response I fired up the Googlebox to check on fiber washers.    I did see results for Home Depot and the like - will these work? 

Also, I assume the point of the washers is to minimize/eliminate shaft play, correct?

After the oiling, it pushes some air now and seems to spin nicely when the face is pointing towards the floor, but still slows down quite a bit when pointing the face towards the ceiling.     I also get a little noise when it's perpendicular to the floor.  

Finally, it does sound like a little bearing noise going on but nothing too concerning.  

Thanks for working with me on this.    It doesn't have much sentimental value beyond it being a new (old) shiny I found and bought myself for my birthday this past weekend.