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 Posted: Tue Sep 15th, 2020 10:56 am
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Mike Kara


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Well, I spent the evening tearing down the fan.
Upon opening, I found the inside was surprisingly clean.  No hair, not much dust, but the shaft was a bit gummy.    It only had one washer on the front side and I found no evidence of rotted remains of any other washers.  

I cleaned the heck out of the shaft and got it as shiny as I could.   The bearings that held the shaft seemed to be the worst of it.    I was able to clean most of the gunk and gave them a lot of oil while working it in.   It seemed the inner races of the bearings were designed to pivot slightly and after the oil and manipulation, they seemed to smooth out and move a bit freer.   Also, around the bearings there seemed to be some kind of felt thing pressed in.    I assume this is an oil wick of some sort, as that seems to be where the oil ports line up.    Both of those got a healthy drenching of 3in1 from both the bottom and the top sides.  

While cleaning, the tiny wires attached poorly to the crappy lamp cord detached.  I took this as an opportunity to replace the badly chewed up lamp cord with a Menards cloth wrapped special. (I’m not going for collector’s grade restoration here).    Soldering it to those teensy wires wasn’t easy, but I think i got it stable.  

While the blade was out, I slightly bent the blades to be closer aligned.   Visually it looked pretty good when I was done.

Upon reassembly, I attached the fan blade a little further down on the shaft than what it was when I received it.

I crossed my fingers and plugged it in.

Holy cow this thing blows some air!!   👍👍👍

This little endeavor has me intrigued and interested in some of the other antique fans I’ve seen while trying to educate myself on my little impulse buy.   I may have a new hobby budding.  

Thank you very much for your guidance Dave!