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 Posted: Tue Sep 15th, 2020 06:29 pm
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William Dunlap

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I used a third party photo hosting site to load pics. I use ImgBB, or Flickr where I upload my photos. Then when I want to post a photo I go to that site, select share then embed codes which differ a bit from site to site. On ImgBB I select BBCode medium linked, copy and paste that link into my post.
Flipping from page to page to do this is actually faster than loading on this server. Plus, I can share these links in other places very quickly.
I always keep my originals on my desktop hard drive, though.
A couple of years ago, a lot of us got "Photobucketed" when Photobucket held our photos ransom and tried to charge us 300$ to access them. If you've seen that kitten that Photobucket used to replace your posted photo, you know what I mean.

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