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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2020 03:39 pm
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Keith Sturgeon


Joined: Mon Sep 14th, 2020
I have a 100% functional and complete Emerson Seagull- oscillating version.

Lots of surface rust in places, but not so much on the base, and certainly not so much that it doesn't work; you can still see chrome on the "seagull" on top, and the knob in the center of the blades.

I want to restore this, as I love the processes and learning, but if I'm being honest (and I know no other way) I don't want to keep it. 

I def want to sell it so I can move on to the next fun project...

Can anyone offer some solid advice on the process? Will It devalue it? I'm not currently planning to re-paint or anything, just clean it up, free what I can of rust/grime, see where we are.

It may be more grime than rust for that matter.

Come to understand that this could be a somewhat "special" fan to a collector, so I also don't want to good it all up.

Help anyone? Advice? want Pictures? Should I sell it as is, and move on to another play project?

It does work- it's so cool to plug something in so old, and watch it just do it's thing.... they just don't make stuff like they used too!