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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2020 09:27 pm
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Andrew Sampels

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I wanted to start by thanking every member of this forum and every AFCA member. All your sharing and information has created another addict.
I am in a battle with a Westinghouse 803008 that I received literally as a pile of parts. I am at the tail end of the restoration and I am missing the wrap count for the speed switch/coil. The tape was removed from the coil and the wires looked like they were either cut or sparked. I am leaning towards sparked. I counted the wraps as close as possible but the numbers were only 0<>9<>18 approximately with 32 AWG. After rebuilding it is not visibly effecting the speed of the fan. So I figure that wraps were missing so my count was off. 

So I figured I would ask if anyone has rewound one, and if they have the count(or the resistance between the coils and I will calculate) before I start guesstimating. I'm trying not to build a heater.

There is a metal tag on the speed controller with the number 653441 on it.

Photos below.

Top after restoration

Bottom after restoration.

Any help would be appreciated and thank you to the community.