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 Posted: Thu Sep 17th, 2020 02:28 am
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Noah Britt

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I got the new brushes, but they are way too long, so I guess I will cut them in half. I was wrong about saying the brush holders don't contact the commutator. One of the brush holders would barely touch the commutator at some points in the rotation of the armature, so I moved the brush holder away from the commutator a little bit, and it's good now. However, that didn't help the rattle much if at all. Some of the fiber washers have cracked up since I started this project, so I will have to get some more of those also. 

I tried Lucas Extra Heavy Duty grease in the bearings, and the fan still rattles, though not as badly. I also watched the end of the shaft as the fan was running, and I could tell that it wobbled just enough to be able to detected by my eyes.

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