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 Posted: Tue Oct 13th, 2020 04:07 pm
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For me its like when I had to replace the power steering pump in my 80 Firebird. I put it in the first time and it took me half a day. Then the hose leaked and I had to pull it and put it back in to replace the hose. I was faster, then the pump went bad it was a re-manufacture, so the third time it was no big deal. About an hour and a half to push and pull. After doing a few fans they get easier and I can do them faster plus this one has nothing to it. The first fan I bought refurbished was that franken fan. Sold it and bought another Emerson and paid 350. I learned fast that was way too much and I can pick them up with a little patience for 75 bucks or less and refurbish them myself. Now I have boxes of parts that are needed on most any fan, feet, plugs, wire, shrink tube and its all on the work bench. I also keep several cans of spray carb cleaner from walmart. The off brand stuff is only 1.98 a can and it works good to remove grease from gears and the box. I also learned a lesson from watching the repair shop on Netflix. If you want to strip paint and are using paint stripper. put the paint stripper on then wrap the part in aluminum foil. That keeps the fumes inside and let it sit for an hour and it will do much better than just applying it and letting it sit in the open. Always learning. Another little trick I learned is if painting and no good hot sun to set the part out in, I set the stove to 170. Put the part in and let it set for an hour. It will smooth out the paint and force dry it nice.

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