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 Posted: Sat Oct 17th, 2020 08:00 pm
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Christopher Trace


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Hi Guys,
I have 3 old fans I would like to show you and I am hoping someone can tell me something about them.
-The Vornado has a 5" blade, original paint, I blew the dust out with compressed air. Great fan, we use it every summer.

The Artic Aire has a 14" I think, original paint, it was covered in a thick coat of dust, dirt and oil when I got it, I had to dismantle everything, clean and blow then reassemble, It takes a few minutes to get up to speed but otherwise works well, used every summer.

The R&M wall fan has a 6" blade, was so badly rusted that I had to remove the rust and paint, it doesn't get used much as the blade is slightly out of balance and that makes the springs squeak.

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