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 Posted: Tue Oct 20th, 2020 02:57 am
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Alex Rushing

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First, thank you again to Patrick Ray for sending me this interesting canvas to hone current skills on, and to learn/implement new skills on during the process!

Why was it a great canvas? Well, the steel wings were wrinkled badly, the steel cage was broken/missing badge, data plate was missing, and the motor was burned up.

So, usually I'd post a long thread of photos depicting the process, but since one already exists, we'll just do the before and after photos!
Thread including every step and photo of the project.

Thread discusses and gives images of the steps rewinding the stator, making the cage, creative brass blade attachment, and paint work.
A quick shot of the fan before work began.

Broken cage I'll weld up at some point.

Video of fan running after, with Half Wave Rectifier Diode installed, and after motor tag full polished and pinned on. :)

And an earlier video, after assembly, showing the fan running without the diode to slow it down. Still ran smooth as silk, but just to fast to be a practical desk fan.

And After Photos:

Not the correct tag indeed, but works well considering this fan barely resembles a stock 150.

Thank you for looking, and please let me know what you think! :)