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 Posted: Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 04:22 am
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Alex Rushing

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Patrick Ray wrote: Glad you enjoyed doing this build Alex. It turned out spectacular! I was thinking you would do a good clean restoration on this, but you took it to a whole new level and really showed off your skills!
Thank you for the awesome compliment! :)

The fan needed enough stuff, and there are a lot of steel on steel ones floating about(relative to earlier Menominee fans). The wrinkled blades and broken cage presented a great opportunity to build on the stator rewind experience.
The cage may have been unnecessary, but after the stator I was feeling a bit "pumped" about it. Haha
Why not make a Clam that nobody else has done, or has? Cage was the main part of course, but the blades with salvaged Parker stamps were fun and unique. Felt it appropriate to indicate the brass used for the wings was made around the same time the fan was. The wings were from a poorly welded iron 21648 hub where a blade was burned, wings wrinkled badly, and the assembly nuts/bolted together. I saved the hub and may try repairing it, but the wings went to the materials pile. Strong stock for tiny pizza slices. LOL
The data plate was a fortunate find on Antiquefanparts, and another unique feature.