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 Posted: Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 04:28 am
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Alex Rushing

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Sean Campbell wrote: Lovely job as usual Alex! :DThank you very much, Sean! :)
I gotta blame you for the challenge fan thing! :imao

Admittedly I'm always up for a challenge fan that doesn't cost anything initially. :clap:

Is a great thing, because challenge fans can be a money pit. The Clam was the first time I decided to cut and rewing a hub. I didn't have the stimulus money that helped get a conplete bladeset for the

I have since used two wings to swap onto a 24666 blade with two burned blades from a brazing job. I went back, channeled & welded it as well. Then burned 7 drill bits getting through my weld to pin one wing on.. :violin:
That is when I accidentally burned the 24666 stator up. Left is running hotwired to long to test my two blade work. Blade balances great. Now the start windings are toast. Switch was only a short walk to the house. Gotta sort that out now.  :cry: