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 Posted: Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 05:24 am
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Kevin Williams


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R.I.P :cry:

I painted it, oiled it, soldered new wires to the stater and put it all back together. It looked pretty (still does)
It hand that nice antique power up hum, but I noticed it got hot fast, too hot to touch. I Googled this and I read this is normal. I don't know about that. But sadly I plugged the old girl in a few minutes ago, and it started oscillating and I heard a weird ticking/popping noise. I thought "oh damm some kind of bearing problem now, or the gearbox needs attention. No its way worse. It was spinning than slowed down then spun back up than pumped big puffs of white smoke out it's front vent holes. I pulled the plug, and it smoked away and I can hear that the sound without the motor running was more like a deep fry cooker!

Now what do I do? Does anybody have any advice on what to do next? Buy new magnet wire and try to rewind it? I've only read about others doing that! Buy another 30's Westinghouse motor (where?), or try to find a modern stater that will fit in the fan case and also accept the old rotor?


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