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 Posted: Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 06:02 am
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All to common a story for these Westy fans. All you have to do it nick the windings a little and it'll cascade burn the insulation off. Main reason I only solder the wires, heatshrink, and douse with electrical varnish.
It is a two line headwire, so it wasn't a wiring issue. Those can even be hotwired. Something went wrong with the stator. I had a Centrifugal start 4 pole stator I just nicked with the soldering iron and didn't realize it was the shorted to the adjacent winding wire. It didn't cook, because I monitored the amp draw and saw it shot from 1A to 2.3A in one minute. Cascade short where the windings fuse.
You can read up on rewinding it, but you're best off posting a "WTB" topic in the buy/sell/trade section. There are a lot of those motors floating around.

This is the main reason, aside from one Westy headwire job(164864B), I don't remove the stators. You can stuff paper towels in the motor inside to keep paint away from the vent holes.

No headwire splice outside either.

Hopefully someone has a shade pole stator /motor for cheap! If you haven't a way to check the amperage draw, it may be prudent to invest in a "Kill-a-watt" type device, or make your own.

Antique style I made for my GE cake.

And a more practical version for any fans. I run my restos for weeks on these, and check the amperage frequently. Yes, I'm nutty.

These aren't easy motors to rewind, but worth looking into if you feel up to a challenge!

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