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 Posted: Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 02:14 pm
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Kevin Williams


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Alex Rushing wrote:

These aren't easy motors to rewind, but worth looking into if you feel up to a challenge!
I don't know, I have been looking at photos I took of the motor as i'll took everything apart before painting and cleaning. It's a shaded pole motor, it doesn't look very complicated at all.
I figure im going to do some more reading, order the modern magnet wire, carefully take apart the coils, make a wooden form to match the shape of the old ones and start winding duplicate coils.
I will also take this opportunity when the stater is bare, to hammer and align everything true and flat; plus pretty the metal up some.

I made so many mistakes along the way, but I learned so much! I want to do this the hard way and punish plus teach myself by rewinding it, because A: I have never done a rewind, and B: I feel bad because I am almost certain that I killed this motor.

Here is an early photo of the motor before I started cleaning it and before the paint job.

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