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 Posted: Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 02:47 pm
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Alex Rushing

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Kevin Williams wrote: You wanna see the paint job I did? And the way it looks now?
The first two pics is how it looked as I got it out of the eBay box.
For test purposes I hadn't put the bottom on yet, than it melted down. But take my word, I replaced the rotten green felt on the bottom with a dark blue material (which was a textured cleaning cloth of some kind).

Because of the camera flash, the paint is lighter than it is to the naked eye.
It really more of a deeper darker blue berry blue than what's seen here.

Indeed, terrible feeling after you get it looking how you wanted, and then if doesn't function as expect. :(

I turn flash off, or if in low light I just shoot a video.
Is it closer to this w/o flash?

I bought a phone holder for my camera tripod, and since my phone is 12MP(even though it is a cheap one), photos can be shot in low light using the phone.

As far as rewinding; go for it! Have fun, be patient, and don't let difficulty deter you! :)