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 Posted: Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 06:23 pm
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Alex Rushing wrote: Levi Mevis wrote: Alex Rushing wrote: Levi Mevis wrote: The tag on your Menominee Clamshell is a tag from a Staghorn Oscillator from the looks of it, as the tag from my Staghorn Oscillator is very similar to the tag on your fan, including the serial number and how the voltage was written.
The "O" in the serial Number means that it was an Oscillator fan that the tag originally came from, the AC OR DC with the voltage means its a universal motor fan. 

Just a little heads up.
Thanks for the heads up, but definitely took care of that issue in the following quote from the photo post(end of first post):
"Not the correct tag indeed, but works well considering this fan barely resembles a stock 150."

I COULD, and would be neat, file the serial # off and punch "Glam Clam" in that spot, or my name. Would be a neat final touch maybe?
Yes, that would be cool, I wouldn't think it would be too hard to do that.  😁

Got it on the "to-do" list for my week off! :)
Thinking about it, should also stop anyone in the future from thinking a model 150 has a similar serial to a staggy.
The Clam parts are so hard to find it is ridiculous. One of the reasons I had to rewind the stator. Guess fans that run so violently fast aren't going to hold up all that well. At least the diode has her tamed a bit. Still oddly fast. The R&M 3500s run like that, but with a better lubrication system and lighter stamped 1-piece blades. I have a Western Electric rebadge of a 3500. Used the same diode in the DC switch position. 2 speed, with the diode really taming that fan.
On my Staghorn I just put a bridge rectifier into it and now it runs on pure 110v DC and it seems to of tamed the speed of it down quite a bit from when it was running on AC because on AC it seemed like it wanted to fly off my desk it ran so fast, but now it seems to run at a more reasonable speed.